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Hey there!

My name is Brooke and I am the real life person behind Elba The Label.

I am an extremely passionate hairdresser with twelve years of love & experience for the industry. Through my love of hair & beauty I wished to create a label that gave my clients the feel good experience they would get in the salon chair in their very own home.

Hair accessories can be the perfect touch to make someone feel good...even on a bad hair day! At Elba The Label our designs are carefully thought through to give our clients exactly what they need for all occasions. Our scrunchies are all ethically hand made by our close friends in Bali, Indonesia.

From relaxed beach days with cute scrunchies, to the every day work tie back clips, and even a glam wedding look we cater for every occasion. We pride ourselves on making you and your hair look and feel amazing 24/!

At Elba The Label we understand the needs of different hair types, from fine to thick and all the colours in between we have accessories that you will love to wear. It is super important for all of us to be able to tie our hair back without any nasty breakage and tension on the scalp.

Elba the label prides itself on looking after you, your hair, and all the feels! 

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